Messy Magpies  
  • Experience and Expertise

    Messy Magpies has evolved over time by a busy mum who has combined her qualifications, experiences as a mum and an obsession for all things crafty to create Messy Magpies. Janine has over ten years experience in Education with a Masters in Literacy and Numeracy Education and an Honours in Clinical Psychology. 

    Janine says that kids can get involved in activities that encourage numeracy and literacy skills from a very early age. Numeracy and Literacy  does not necessarily involved reading, writing and being able to count . It starts with children having an opportunity to immerse all their senses in an activity and age appropriate creative outlet. 

    Watching cotton balls expand in water is an example of numeracy as it shows kids the concept of increasing and decreasing sizes, cause and effect and more. At a messy magpies ©™ session we will be doing a lot of these incredibly interesting activities all messily wrapped up in gooey, crunchy, slimey messy fun!


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Messy Magpies will be creating some awesome diy crafts to try at home stay tuned!

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